Koprinka Dam

Nestled in the heart of the Rose Valley, located at the foot of the Balkans next to the town of Kazanlak, there are the majestic blue waters of the Koprinka Dam. The 65-year-old reservoir, built-in 1955, is the second dam built in Bulgaria, once called "Georgi Dimitrov" and today - "Koprinka". It is located along the Tundzha River. It has many branches and quiet bays, pine forests, and greenery, which makes it a great place for hiking and relaxation. 

Koprinka Dam is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and magnetic places in the country. The area around it offers great conditions for fishing, hiking, and water sports. It is visited by fishermen from all over the country; the incredible view inspires artists, photographers, or tourists who set out to find nooks in Bulgaria. There are many bays along the distributaries where you can sunbathe. This is the place to try kayaking or other water sports such as yachting, surfing, or scuba diving. For the fans of extreme sports, we offer delta or paragliding, so that you can see the colorful Rose Valley from above.

The long stone masonry wall of the dam allows free passage from the north to the south shore and reveals a beautiful panoramic view of the water mirror at the foot of the mountain.

Apart from the beautiful nature, Koprinka has an ancient history. If you have already been to the tomb of Seuthes III, you know that at the bottom of Koprinka Dam lies the capital of his kingdom.

In 1956 the waters of the newly built Koprinka Dam submerged one of the greatest archeological treasures in Bulgaria. Under the water remains Seuthopoli - the city of the Thracian ruler Seuthes III and capital of the Odrysian kingdom from the end of IV-III century BC