Damascene Complex

With symbols and signs, fragments of Thracian sanctuaries, majestic statues of rulers, writers, and heroes, strewn with the royal rose and bearing its name, the Damascene complex offers a place for rest and history. The complex has an ethnographic museum, a huge garden, a restaurant, an artificial waterfall, and a rose brewery, where the production of rose oil, also called "liquid gold", can be observed.

The first private rose brewery on the territory of Bulgaria - "Damascena" - was founded in 1991. It is the only one where you can see amazing murals telling stories about the path of the rose flower. You can follow the rosary technology up close, and in May and June, you can watch the process live.

You will also find the ancient installation for cooking rose oil, called "gulpana".

The complex also offers an ethnographic museum, where you will find objects and tools related to the old way of life and culture.

In the lobby of the Thracian Cultural Center, you will see a copy of the Golden Treasure of Panagyurishte, discovered by accident in the distant 1949 by three brothers near the town of Panagyurishte.

You can spend the hot summer evenings in the last gem of the Damascene complex - the summer amphitheater. Concerts and theater performances bring together celebrities from all over the country.