Eco-trail "Path through the centuries": Kazanlak - Buzovgrad - Megalith / Thracian sanctuary

The megalith above the village of Buzovgrad also called the Gate of the Goddess Mother and Father's Stone or Bubakaya, is an ancient sanctuary from the Late Eneolithic and the beginning of the Bronze Age. It is located above the village of Buzovgrad, which is 5 km from Kazanlak, and can be reached by a picturesque eco-trail.

The signboard in the center points to the destination and attractions on the route. From the Megalith itself, the view is amazing - the whole valley is like the palm of your hand, from the north with Stara Planina and Botev peak, to the west with Koprinka dam. The megalith is an ancient Thracian village of rock formations with an opening that the sun passes through at sunset. It is suitable for picnics, relaxing walks, and photos. During the Days of Thracian Culture in the town of Kazanlak, at the end of August, there is a restoration of Thracian rituals, which many people find fascinating. 

displacement - 400-567 m; duration-1 hour; green, blue, and yellow markings

The Bears area

/ Enina – Katunite area - Buzludzha hut /

An attractive rock formation on an area of ​​10 km called "Bears" is a place for relaxation and time for admiring nature. The route passes through the steep slopes of Shipchenska Stara Planina. On the way to Buzludzha hut, turning back, there is a wonderful view of the Kazanlak structural basin.

displacement - 800 m .; duration - 3.5 hours; blue marking

The Katunite area

/ Enina - "Katunite" - Buzludzha hut /

There you can see a picturesque panoramic view in all directions. The route starts from the village of Enina and passes through the protected area "Katunite". It is located 2 km north of the village of Enina. The area is named because of the 7 - 8 domed rocks arranged in a row. See from a bird's eye view the Rose Valley, Stara Planina, Sredna Gora, the peaks of Bulgarka, and Saryar. Suitable for extreme sports.

displacement - 800 m; duration - 4 hours; blue marking

Bosilkovets Trail / The Steep Meadow /

/ Shipka - The steep meadow / Bosilkovets / - Buzludzha hut /

Crystal clear air and breathtaking view of the valley to the south is what this route promises and in the summer and autumn you can find an abundance of wild berries. The trail is accessible most of the year. During the winter months, you must be careful. When climbing, it is recommended to use a pickle, cats, or snowshoes / if it is snowy /.

displacement - 750 m .; duration - 3 hours; yellow marking

Shipka - Shipka Monastery - Russian Cemetery - Shipka Peak

This route reveals the exceptional view of places with a glorious history. This is a short route that connects Shipka Peak and Shipka. There is no danger of avalanches during the winter transition as the height is not great and its location is on the southern side of the Central Balkan Mountains.

displacement - 700 m; duration - 2.5 hours; green marking

Enina - the locality "Zlatevitsa" - "Rodopova Cheshma" - peak "Zhalti Bryag" - Dolno Izvorovo

Wonderful path for relaxation. A colorful route will take you to the endpoint - the panoramic "Yellow Peak". Different types of trees, mountain flowers, berries, mushrooms, birds will meet as they pass through several animal areas, the most famous of which are "Zlatevitsa" and "Rodopova Cheshma". On the way to "Yellow Peak", the road to the mine near builds a hunting shelter, which is a pleasant place to rest and have picnics.

displacement - 1200 m; duration - 4.5 hours; blue marking

Kazanlak - Koprinka Dam - Tvarditsa Fortress - Gorno Cherkovishte - Buzovgrad - Kazanlak

Pine forest, the blue waters of Koprinka Dam, and in the middle – a beach with the opportunity for fishing, sunbathing or sports - have always been desirable destinations on warm days. The variety of hills on the low slopes of Sredna Gora predisposes to organizing walking tours, tourist orienteering, and more. The combination of mountain and water bodies is one of the most preferred. While rose picking, you can easily cross the land in the village of Gorno Cherkovishte, whose masses of oil-bearing rose are some of the largest in the Rose Valley. The route is also convenient for crossing by bike.

displacement - 250 m; duration - 4.35 hours, with a bike - 2.25 hours; yellow marking